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John David, Mon, Oct 22, 2018, 7:32am

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yan, Sun, Oct 21, 2018, 11:41pm

Fresh from the factory, Britain’s latest hi-tech train glints under the powerful lights of the depot. With its aerodynamic nose-cone and sleek racing-green carriages, the machine stretches into the far distance. “This is a very different train to the 40-year old trains it’s replacing,” says Sam Fisk from manufacturer Hitachi, and our guide to the North Star depot near London’s Paddington Station. “We’ve imported technology from Japan and our design centre has made sure the train is shaped so it cuts through the air.” Some 200 of these Class 800 hybrid units – capable of running on both overhead power and diesel – will eventually replace Britain’s 40-year-old High Speed Trains. They recently made their debut on the line between London and the west of England and will soon be rolled out on the East Coast Main Line to Scotland. That line is a route made famous by world record-breaking steam engines such as the Flying Scotsman and 126 mile-an-hour Mallard. You might also like: Would you use a self-rocking cradle? Why analogue design still endures What if the VW Beetle never existed? Inside, the train has that new car smell with unblemished rows of spotless seating. At the front is a futuristic cab with computer screens and arrays of switches, looking like it was transplanted from a Space Shuttle cockpit. “It’s a digital train,” says Fisk. “Drivers came in to test the design, so it’s single comfortable seat at the centre and even has a handy cup holder.” That’s all very well, but where you have drinks you eventually need toilets. What are they like? Since the end of the 19th Century – and in the US even earlier – most long-distance trains have been fitted with toilets. They’re a necessity for any long-distance journey but most passengers do their best to avoid them. “There’s been terrible toilet design,” says railway author and historian Christian Wolmar, who’s travelled the world by rail. “They range from the very basic on Indian railways – where’s it’s not much more than a hole in the floor – to modern toilets, which have the dodgy trick of the door opening by itself.” Ah, yes… the self-opening toilet door. Anyone who has ever used a British train toilet has almost certainly experienced the excruciating horror and embarrassment of the automatic door slowly rolling open for fellow passengers. I can’t understand why the design is so difficult and complicated – Christian Wolmar The problem is down to the design of the buttons, and complicated instructions (in English only), requiring users to press one button to close the door and then another to lock it. To make things even more confusing, the switches are often back to front. But this isn’t the only issue with train toilet design… “They tend to have a completely unfathomable system for the sink – the water comes out, air comes out and soap comes out all from different bits hidden under a shelf,” says Wolmar. “Inevitably you turn on the hot air before the water - I can’t understand why the design is so difficult and complicated.” It’s issues like this that the designers of the new high-speed trains were told to address. With the trains commissioned almost 10 years ago, they’ve had plenty of time to get it right. “The government set the specifications and one of the feedbacks was that the standard of the toilets had to be raised from the earlier fleets,” says Fisk. “We built a wooden mock-up of the whole train and have had more than 200 groups of passengers on board to give us feedback – then we went to the factory and built the real trains based on what they said.” So, did the people get what they asked for? BBC Future decided to put this “better” train toilet to the test. So, onto test one: locking the door. “Being able to lock the door was the number one feedback,” says Fisk. “We’ve made sure the locking system is a lever and you have to push that lever to the right.” A red sign lights up and a woman announces from a hidden speaker that “The door is locked.” So far, so good. We tried to simulate a hotel toilet – it’s nice, it’s bright – Sam Fisk Next, the toilet itself. All seems to be in order – there’s toilet paper within easy reach and the bowl flushes with considerable power. So forceful in fact that rumour has it Nasa was inspired by bullet train toilet design for the International Space Station. Toilet waste goes into a tank under the train. Like many others around the world, some older trains in the UK still dump waste directly onto the tracks. “Do not flush in the station” signs are, apparently, largely ignored. Finally, the basin - a pushbutton arrangement that might not entirely please Wolmar but seems to function well enough. This new train toilet is hardly revolutionary but it goes a long way to addressing flaws in train toilet design. “We tried to simulate a hotel toilet – it’s nice, it’s bright,” says Fisk, “we wanted to bring a nice feel to the place.” Out on the mainline, the new Hitachi trains have had a number of teething problems. Passengers report hard seating, leaking air conditioning and issues with onboard catering and timekeeping. One train recently broke down completely, leaving hundreds stranded for six hours.

David, Sun, Oct 21, 2018, 11:40pm

Located within the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, Užupis is one of the smallest republics in the world, covering less than 1 sq km. But don’t be fooled by its size – it boasts its own president, government, constitution and currency, and even has a navy consisting of three or four small boats (used mainly for ceremonial purposes). Until recently, it also had an army of around 10 men, but given the republic’s peace-loving attitude, it has been retired. Užupis is an eclectic juxtaposition of Soviet Bloc architecture and artistic flair. Following the fall of the USSR in the early 1990s, many plinths that had held statues of Soviet icons stood empty across Vilnius. In 1995, a group of local artists used one of them to erect a statue of US rock icon Frank Zappa (despite the fact he had never been there) as a symbol of freedom and a call to democracy. Two years later, on 1 April 1997, they went a step further, declaring their neighbourhood of Užupis independent from the rest of Lithuania. Although Užupis is not recognised by foreign governments as an official nation, the micro-nation has become a source of pride in Vilnius and throughout Lithuania. Meaning ‘beyond the river’ in Lithuanian, Užupis is separated from the rest of the city by the Vilnele River. The republic celebrates its independence annually on 1 April, known locally as Užupis Day. On this day, travellers can get their passports stamped as they cross the bridge into the republic (every other day, the border is not guarded), use the local (unofficial) currency and treat themselves to the beer that flows from the water spout in the main square (yes, really). What essentially began as a tongue-in-cheek April Fools’ Day joke for a small group of creatives is now a serious endeavour. Today, the Republic of Užupis has a constitution that has been translated into multiple languages.  Užupis’ Foreign Minister Tomas Čepaitis, one of the micro-nation’s founding fathers, explained that the republic was born from Aristotle’s philosophy that any great city should have a limited number of inhabitants. “We wanted to create our new little country based on the old thought that a good country can have no more than 5,000 citizens, because the human mind can’t remember more faces [than that],” he said. “Everybody knows everybody, so it’s hard to cheat and hard to manipulate each other.” The republic’s flag sports what’s known as the ‘Holy Hand’: a blue hand with a hole in the middle, making it unable to accept bribes. “The main thing is we have nothing to hide in our hands,” Užupis’ Tourism Minister Kestas Lukoskinas, who has lived in the area for 18 years, told me. Čepaitis said he and his fellow co-founders wanted to create a place where people could disconnect from the distractions of modern life and reconnect with what’s important. “If you cross the bridge, you can become yourself. You don’t play any social role, you don’t belong to anyone, you belong to yourself. You can think about who you are and you can live without being part of that mad race that all of humanity is involved in.” Lukoskinas agrees. “The atmosphere in Užupis is completely different,” he said. “You feel happier and more relaxed. You can go into the pub and meet the mayor of the city, or a famous basketball player or a famous artist, and everybody is just chilling. Anywhere else you go to posh bars and to posh restaurants, [and] there are restrictions, there’s a protocol, which is absent in Užupis.” While the republic’s conception story is a light-hearted affair, the area’s history is not. During the mid-20th Century when the region was under Soviet rule, the district was derelict; a dangerous part of town for the brave or the foolish. One of neighbourhood’s main thoroughfares, Užupis Street, was once nicknamed ‘the Street of Death’, not only due to the high crime rate but also in recognition of the neighbourhood’s Jewish population, which was decimated during the Holocaust. Today, however, the winding cobbled streets feature quirky art installations and a renewed sense of life. “I wrote about the cats, because I am a cat man. [Lileikis] wrote about the dogs, because he is a dog man,” Čepaitis explained. It is a poetic balance. The charter, printed on large mirrored rectangles, hangs along the road known locally as the Avenue of Constitutions. More than 30 of these metal plates now line the wall, with Latin being the latest language to be hung – it was blessed by the Pope himself during his visit to the Baltics in September. The Avenue of Constitutions leads to the centre of the republic, where a statue of Archangel Gabriel, ‘The Angel of Užupis’, was erected in 2002 as a symbol of growth and rebirth, his trumpet heralding a new free-thinking age for the nation.  As with most things in Užupis, the government structure and the appointment of officials is a somewhat relaxed affair, with their parliament house also functioning as the local cafe-cum-pub. A core group of about a dozen ministers oversees the running of the micro-nation, but for those who want to get involved in Užupis’ politics, being an active member of the local community is key. “The main thing is to be recognised. You can say I’m a Minister of Soccer or a Minister of Frisbee, and that’s OK, you can be. But you need to be recognised,” Lukoskinas said, adding that he understands the attractiveness of this freestyle kind of politics. “It releases the tension of everyday life and the diplomatic protocol. You can relax and have a pint with the prime minister or the president. [But] it’s a serious game we play,” he said with a smile. As unusual as it sounds, it is a system that works, and has done for the past 21 years. The president has held his position for that entire time (despite jokingly admitting on the odd occasion that he would like a break), as have many of his ministers, with the group meeting most Mondays. Together they’re making political waves, actively working to build ties with other countries, albeit unofficially. Užupis even houses a park known as Tibet Square. China angrily interpreted Užupis’ decision to make the Dalai Lama an honourary citizen as political rather than cultural (the citizens of Užupis neither agree nor disagree with this statement).

allan, Sun, Oct 21, 2018, 11:38pm

This appreciation for the marks of time is a key feature in Hamana’s works, which he chooses to display in derelict Japanese farmhouses. Explaining that the wooden doorframes have been blackened by years of smoke from the irori (an indoor hearth) and pointing out how the mud walls have started crumbling, he says he feels the history of the houses lend a fitting backdrop to his pieces, avoiding the cold duality of impersonal white gallery spaces. Though not as ornate as its sister temple, Kinkakuji, the Ginkakuji temple in Kyoto exhibits a deeper source of beauty (Credit: Credit: dave stamboulis/Alamy) Though not as ornate as its sister temple, Kinkakuji, the Ginkakuji temple in Kyoto exhibits a deeper source of beauty (Credit: dave stamboulis/Alamy) Creating sculptures with natural clay from Shiga, an area with a reputation for high-quality clay and a long history of pottery making, Hamana embraces the important wabi-sabi concept of mutual creation between man and nature. “I design a little at first, but clay is a natural thing, so it changes. I don’t want to fight with nature so I follow the shape, I accept it,” he said. Not only does he allow nature to aid in the shaping of his pieces, but in their later appearance too. In an overgrown bamboo forest in the farmhouse grounds, he showed me the pieces he’d chosen to leave outside, buried in the undergrowth for years at a time. There they’ve developed unique patterns from extreme temperatures and surrounding plant life, as well as being occasionally broken. Studying them closely, I found that this simply added to the beauty of each piece, with the cracks offering another opportunity to add to the story. Kazunori Hamana’s clay artwork is often considered to have an element of wabi-sabi (Credit: Credit: Lily Crossley-Baxter) Kazunori Hamana’s clay artwork is often considered to have an element of wabi-sabi (Credit: Lily Crossley-Baxter) Often associated with wabi-sabi is the art of kintsugi – a method of repairing broken pottery using gold or lacquer. The process highlights, rather than conceals, the cracks, allowing them to become a part of the piece, too. When his daughter accidentally broke some of his work, Hamana said, laughing, he decided to leave the pieces outside for a few years, allowing them to be coloured and shaped by nature. When it was repaired by a local kintsugi specialist, the different colours created a contrast so subtle, so uneven, that could never have been intentionally created. Embracing the effects of nature and allowing family history to be visible in a piece creates a unique value for something which would, in many cultures, simply be discarded as worthless. Prioritising flawlessness and infallibility, the ideal of perfection creates not only unachievable standards, but misguided ones In fact, the term ‘perfect’, which stems from the Latin perfectus, meaning complete, has been placed on an undeserved pedestal in many cultures, especially the West. Prioritising flawlessness and infallibility, the ideal of perfection creates not only unachievable standards, but misguided ones. In Taoism, since no further growth or development can take place, perfection is considered equivalent to death. While we strive to create perfect things and then struggle to preserve them, we deny their very purpose and subsequently lose the joys of change and growth.  

Hans, Sun, Oct 21, 2018, 11:37pm

Combined, these experiences allow the viewer to see themselves as part of the natural world, no longer separated by societal constructs and instead at the mercy of natural timelines. Rather than seeing dents or uneven shapes as mistakes, they are viewed as a creation of nature – much as moss would grow on an uneven wall or a tree would curve in the wind.“The aesthetics of wabi-sabi opened our eyes to everyday life and gave us a method of handling what is common in an uncommon, aesthetic way,” Prof Otabe said, highlighting the importance of acceptance in Japanese culture, a society forced to contend with devastating natural disasters on a semi-regular basis. Rather than casting nature solely as a dangerous and destructive force, it helps frame it as a source of beauty, to be appreciated on the smallest of levels. It becomes a provider of colours, designs and patterns, a source of inspiration, and a force to work alongside, rather than against. It is the inevitable mortality embound in nature, however, that is key to a true understanding of wabi-sabi. As author Andrew Juniper notes in his book Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence, “It… uses the uncompromising touch of mortality to focus the mind on the exquisite transient beauty to be found in all things impermanent”. Alone, natural patterns are merely pretty, but in understanding their context as transient items that highlight our own awareness of impermanence and death, they become profound.This idea brought to mind a story a Japanese colleague told me when we discussed wabi-sabi. Visiting Kyoto as a teenager, she had hurried through the grounds of Ginkakuji, a wooden Zen temple with quiet gardens, eager to see the more famous Kinkakuji, an ornate temple covered in gold leaf and perched above a reflective pond. Bright, stunning and glamorous, it lived up to her expectations, a far more impressive beauty than its traditional sister temple.A few decades later, however, she returned to find the gold garish and, while it was certainly eye-catching, there was little beyond the immediate gratification of the gold leaf. Ginkakuji, however, offered a new fascination: the aged wood held countless hues and patterns, while the Zen moss and dry sand gardens offered a frame for nature’s many shapes. Unable to appreciate these things as a child, she had grown to see the ravages of time as a deeper source of beauty, far greater than a two-dimensional flash of gold. Intrigued by the personal element of this appreciation, I contacted artist Kazunori Hamana, whose unique pieces are often considered to have an element of wabi-sabi. As we walked through the grounds of his tumbledown farmhouse in the rural idyll of Izumi in Chiba prefecture, he agreed with the need for age.“You have different feelings when you’re young – everything new is good, but you start to see history develop like a story. After you’ve grown up, you see so many stories, from your family to nature: everything growing and dying and you understand the concept more than you did as a child.”

emmy, Sun, Oct 21, 2018, 11:36pm

Withdrawing my hands reluctantly from the slowly spinning bowl, I watched its uneven sides slowly come to a stop, wishing I could straighten them out just a little more. I was in the ancient pottery town of Hagi in rural Yamaguchi, Japan, and while I trusted the potter who convinced me to let it be, I can’t say I understood his motives.Smiling, he announced, “it has wabi-sabi” – and whisked the bowl away for firing. I sat, contemplating the lack of symmetry and wondering what on Earth he meant.As it turns out, failing to understand this phrase is not unusual. A key part of the Japanese Aesthetic – the ancient ideals that still govern the norms on taste and beauty in Japan – wabi-sabi is not only untranslatable, but also considered undefinable in Japanese culture. Often muttered in moments of profound appreciation, and almost always followed by the word muri! (impossible!) when asked to expand, the phrase offers an unusual way to view the world.  Wabi-sabi offers a refuge from the modern world's obsession with perfection, and accepts imperfections as all the more meaningful – and, in their own way, beautiful.

jim, Sun, Oct 21, 2018, 11:35pm

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Anthony, Sun, Oct 21, 2018, 11:34pm

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John David, Fri, Oct 19, 2018, 10:28am

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Saumya Giri, Fri, Oct 12, 2018, 1:36am

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