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Main Causes & Solutions for HP Printer is Offline Issue Main Causes & Solutions for HP Printer is Offline Issue

   Discussion: Main Causes & Solutions for HP Printer is Offline Issue
Edward Collin · 1 month ago
Windows are equipped with a printer setting that enables you to use HP Printer is offline. The setting allows you to save the documents that you want to print when the printer is not connected to your computer; the computer sends the documents to the printer when you change them back online. Sending print employment straight to your Hewlett-Packard printer without waiting from HP Printer is offline to online. Before you can modify the environment from "HP Printer is Offline" to "Online," your printer must be linked to your laptop. 
  • Click "Start," then click the "Devices and Printers" folder.
  • Click the Hewlett-Packard printer icon right-click. It can be marked as part of the device name with HP or Hewlett-Packard. If not, you may need to click the names of the printers in the window without the names of the supplier to see each detail. It states "HP" or "Hewlett-Packard" next to "Manufacturer" at the bottom of the window. Click the "See What's Printing" option.
  • In the window that opens, click the "Printer" menu and uncheck "Use Printer Offline." Any items in your HP printer's queue will be printed.
rockjs · 1 month ago
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