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Guided tours of Tibet Guided tours of Tibet

   Discussion: Guided tours of Tibet
james johnny · 5 months ago
A visit to Tibet is one of the most spectacular journeys you can take. You will also be able to visit the highest mountain in the world, witness the incredible alpine lakes and meet hospitable local Tibetans that that live and breathe Buddhism in their everyday lives. However, lying on the world’s highest Qinghai-Tibet plateau, Tibet remains a far-flung destination that requires careful tour preparation, even to the most experienced travelers. They need a well-established local Tibet travel agency to arrange their itinerary,  avoid the common mistakes and offer you the best guided tours of Tibet. Unlike traveling elsewhere in China, the only to visit Tibet as an international tourist is through a guided tour, either a group or a private one, with a registered Tibet travel agency. Traveling to Tibet cannot be done as an individual traveler or backpacker, due to the Tibet travel policy.  
Lawrence · 3 months ago
It seems to me that this is a rather difficult trip with several flights. How do you deal with such a schedule?
Steve Vane · 3 months ago
I understand your confusion. But you can be calm. Airlines specifically plan their flights so that transit flights don't interfere with each other. If you want to visit Tibet, then you can plan everything yourself through a reservation service. This's what I do when I’m calculating a schedule for my business meetings - This direction has become very popular now, so I have to book tickets in advance)) Is this a clear example?
JoEmily · 27 days ago
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lucydevid · 27 days ago
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JoEmily · 23 days ago
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