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McClinton Hall · 5 years, 11 months ago

Welcome to our website! Feel free to discuss what's on your mind in this forum.

Pastor Hall (anon) · 5 years, 8 months ago
Welcome to the Loving Peace website and forum. Enjoy and be blessed.
fersi · 2 years ago
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BuisnessWork · 1 year, 3 months ago
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xiao1235 · 8 months ago
bamboo flooring exports oftenunanimously called for the brand flooring companies to jointly publicize the popularity of floor knowledge and guide consumers to buy science products. The floor businesses said they are willing to start from their own to safeguard the interests of consumers.Xinhuanet Guizhou Channel, March 28 (Reporter Shi Yu-cen, Wang Li) Recently, the reporter learned from Guizhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that the bamboo flooringproduced in Chishui City of Guizhou Province was approved by AQSIQ and obtained the national export exemption qualification. It is the first export-free product in Guizhou Province and the only one in the bamboo flooring industry in China that is entitled to export inspection-free products. New JINZHU WOOD PRODUCTS CO., LTD, which is granted export exemption status, is a leading enterprise in Chishui City. Bambooflooring is exported to Russia, the United States and Asia. Before being exempted from qualification, the company's bamboo flooring exports often encounter red light. With the support and efforts of all parties, the bamboo flooring reached the requirements of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, and finally obtained the qualification of inspection-free. Chishui City is what country does the cheapest lumber come from deck composite plastic panel replacement wood ireland fence los angeles  
xiao1235 · 7 months ago
floor price trend is obviousraw materials produced this year should be prepared by the end of last year. Guangdong this year's wood-based panels, why the shortage of MDF, resulting in the manufacturer that the material is in short supply? Mainly due to the poor situation last year, the decrease in exports overseas and the poor domestic sales. Due to the furniture industry's relations, the manufacturers did not dare to prepare materials for the past few months lastyear. Therefore, when the whole situation is getting better this year, There is no raw materials, demand, demand, the price will naturally go up. SouFun: We observed that furniture, floor price trend is obvious, with upstream wood processing industry prices are inseparable. Su Haitao: yes. Enterprises such as wood furniture and wood flooring all belong to the lower reaches of timber. The prices of solid wood or wood-based panel suppliersare rising in the upper reaches, and the lower reaches are sure to follow up. The impact on this year's furniture building materials market is still relatively large. I expect that by the middle of the year, the gains will have risen almost equally and the prices will stabilize. It is impossible for the second half of the year to continue rising "2008 China National Forest Industry Association credit enterprise specification of wpc pool deck poly manure spreader floor how to cover outside 2x4 handrailing  
xiao1235 · 6 months ago
wood floor played a very good rolegradually moving toward capitalization era, the initial prototype of economies of scale, to some extent Accelerate the development of the industry brand hierarchy, which for the long-term standardized development of the wood floor played a very good role, but also to establish a strong brand awareness has taken a very crucial step. (3) narrow range of innovation. Whether it is to learn growth or scale growth enterprises, innovation isessential for the development of the starting point in the early stages of business growth is the most needed marketing model innovation with the least cost in exchange for maximum benefit; maturity is the need to innovate out More high-quality commercial profit model; the whole process of enterprise development also need to continue to innovate for market development of products, can be said that any part of the development ofenterprises need to innovate. At present, many enterprises in China basically stay in the innovation of product innovation and marketing innovation. They are not ideal in business model innovation, profit structure adjustment, etc., with relatively narrow scope of innovation and weak long-term awareness. However, the long-term business model and profit structure Innovation can change the fate of the business or even the fate of the front entrance deck with lattice privacy decking tiles be installed over dirt composite decks with privacy walls  
xiao1235 · 5 months ago
reinforced wood flooringgood and the market continues to be in a weak state. At the same time, it has also been found that some merchants have begun to prepare for “May 1st” promotion. Currently, the quotation of 807×130×12mm Sapele reinforced wood flooring in Guangdong Yuzhu International Wood Market is 80 yuan/m2.Recently, a surname Liu in Panzhihua City, the phone calls to reflect the recent preparations for the renovation of new homes, hefound in the local solid wood flooring market, found that solid wood flooring with red sandalwood, rosewood, ebony and other tree species are very common. Not only that, but some floor suppliers also garbled the words "excellent products" and "first-class goods." Moreover, the more small brands, the more dare to label "excellent products" and "first-class products." Since he graduated from a forestry college, he is also considered to be aperson in the industry, but he can't decide which kind of solid wood floor to choose. The reporter conducted a survey on this and found that Chengdu solid wood flooring market also has such problems. Weiguai I: The trees were indiscriminately posted foreign names. Subsequently, the reporter interviewed Gao Zhihua, a famous flooring expert, on the telephone. According to Professor Gao, tree species names have become a major fence trims in ghana in west in finland shimming under deck joists layout front porch railings at seven trust  
xiao1235 · 5 months ago
flooring companies in the countryfactories in Chengdu to produce finished products and send them to surrounding areas and coastal areas to reduce costs. In terms of long-term interests, setting up factories in Chengdu has a more competitive advantage. The development of an enterprise depends not only on the quality of the product, but also on how to take advantage of the price. The province can do more with one penny. Chengdu is a hub for warehousing and logisticsin the west, which radiates throughout the western region. It is also an object of business preference in terms of raw material procurement and labor costs. According to industry insiders, “Chengdu has rich raw material resources, low prices, and a mature system, which can be sent from Chengdu to the entire country. Chengdu is the largest transportation hub in the west, and it has expanded as a source to form a distribution type. Salesnetwork." Floor "OEM" rehearsals for channel "flattening" Since the occurrence of the "3-15 Party Exposure Event" a few years ago, the domestic shady industry of floor-mounted OEMs has opened the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of flooring companies in the country. They used to be concentrated in the coastal areas. However, in recent years, they have gradually turned to the production bases in the mainland. The reason is nothing how to build a flower box decorative external wall panels trinidad and tobago pergola fabric ideas  
xiao1235 · 5 months ago
Traditional flooring products distributionconsumers. At the same time, the company’s products also require personality. According to industry insiders, the homogenization of the flooring industry has been more serious. After repeated propaganda on the types of wood and applicable functions, selling points have been few. The introduction of parquet flooring can satisfy some owners’ needs for individual materials. Also reflects the company's design and production capabilities.Designers also play a boosting role in this trend. The search for fresh materials by designers also promotes the development of parquet flooring.At this stage, due to factors such as rising prices of raw materials and continued vicious market price competition, the flooring industry has bid farewell to the era of profiteering, and the profit growth of flooring companies has tended to be flat. Why does this happen? Flooring companies donot elaborate on market development. The principle that consumers buy flooring products is the principle of proximity. Buying in a casual building materials market is not related to the fact that the flooring industry has not cultivated professional markets. Traditional flooring products distribution center is no systematic marketing strategy and the lack of relevant regional protection? A stable price system is beyond discussion. Once a small outdoor deck furniture gatehouse fencing install tata steel deck tables  
xiao1235 · 5 months ago
laminated wood flooring productionproduction and operation of enterprises. The normative development of the industry has made a great contribution. Judging from our development, during the year, our production and sales volume has greatly increased, and sales volume has doubled from the same period of last year. Beijing Knocking Senhua Flooring Co., Ltd. is a joint investment company established by Krones & Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jinyu Group. It has introducedtwo sets of world-leading laminated wood flooring production lines with a total investment of more than 800 million yuan. The annual design capability has reached More than 15 million square meters, on the second line of liquid spray production, with an annual output of 40 million, so that our two lines together is 80 million square meters. And we started shutting down our medium density by another ten meters on January 8th, which resultedin a production capacity of 250,000 cubic meters, which increased the strength of Kronospor and added a quarter of our adhesive. Now we have all purchased a single-unit production base. Now we are also looking for printing and papermaking in Guangdong. We are ready to invest in all aspects. In addition, we are the only company in China that employs the European flooring industry authority as a company that monitors and controls plastic lumber suppliers recycle waste bin supplier in kuala lumpur acrylic clear fence panels in uk  
xiao1235 · 3 months ago
profits from the flooring industrynew "Rhine Sunshine" series of products will be a high-end brand that reflects the corporate image. Myagazine: "Kronenheimer" and "Rhine Sunlight." Which "children" do you prefer? Peng Hongbin: "Knockingenwah" and "Rhine Sunshine" are the brands of German Keno Wood Group, but the positioning of the two brands is different. "Kenosenhua" brand is more like a "farmer mountain spring", superior quality guaranteed, very reasonableand popular price, value for money. My goal for "Kenosenhua" is to do "Glanz" in the flooring industry. I want to use "Kronosinhua" to eliminate the huge profits from the flooring industry. The "Rhine Sunshine" is facing the high-end market "Yiyun mineral water", noble and inexpensive, value for money. Our preliminary plan is: In one and a half years, the Group’s sales of these two brands will be the second and third place in China; in threeyears, China will be number one. Myagazine: Rebuilding a first brand in the same industry, but today's market is no longer the same year. Where does your confidence come from? Peng Hongbin: Yes. The current market will not succeed with a good idea. Now you have to work very hard to be successful, because the industry is very mature, the pace of product development is slow, the brand is very large, and the competition is fierce, so Balloon Frame Panel Made of Plastic Denmark 84 lumber fences and gates cover cracked concrete in flagstone  
james williams · 28 days ago

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