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3 Easy Tips for Writing a Good Descriptive Essay 3 Easy Tips for Writing a Good Descriptive Essay

   Discussion: 3 Easy Tips for Writing a Good Descriptive Essay
Semuel · 8 months ago
=12ptQuite often, students get the task of writing a descriptive essay. As easy as it might seem, writing a descriptive piece is actually complicated. It takes very good analytical skills and the power of interpretation to be able to write one. Not to mention a complete command over language is extremely important so that one can use the right set of adjectives and nouns to describe things. This article shares with you 3 easy tips so you can write a good descriptive essay yourself. =12ptMake Use of Adjectives =12ptIt is the adjectives that help define an essay as descriptive. There are all sorts of adjectives ranging from colors to sizes. A “big red parrot” is a kind of phrase you would find in a descriptive essay as opposed to “a parrot” in other kinds of essays. Rather than writing, “a pool,” write “deep cold blue pool.” All these adjectives help define things in the state they exist in the scene so that the reader can get a good sense of it. Before starting to write a descriptive essay, brainstorm yourself with different kinds of adjectives. A good way is to simply Google “list of adjectives,” and you will find a long range of them to choose from. =12ptReflect the Use of Five Senses in Your Writing =12ptEnhance your writing with the use of senses. Make your writing expressive by telling how the objects in your scene looked, how the eatables tasted, how they sounded, what kind of fragrance they oozed, and what their texture was like. There’s a lot to say when you describe these senses with respect to the various objects of your scene. Just try to strike a balance between the expression and description of the different objects. Don’t overexpress one thing while discussing the other less than required. The best way to achieve this is to make an outline before starting your essay. The outline will contain a clear thesis and topic sentences for the body paragraphs. It will also help you decide the total word count and allocate word count to each body paragraph in a way that there is a balance in the essay. =12ptFocus on the Interplay of Things =12ptAnother critical aspect of a descriptive essay is the interplay of things. Elaborate the spacing of different objects in your scene. Writing “Joe was sitting an arm’s length away from Cindy” is more interesting, elaborative, descriptive, and expressive than saying “Joe was sitting at a distance from Cindy.” Likewise, discuss how one thing in your scene interacts with another. Writing something like “Cindy looked at Joe with a not-so-sure look on her face” is better than writing “Cindy was not sure.” =12ptIf You Lack Time to Write, Do This! =12.0ptYou can write a good descriptive essay using these 3 easy tips. However, if you are too busy to write your essay yourself because of work overload or exam preparation, use the best essay writing service 2018 to write it for you. That’s an advisable option in cases of emergency.
Minote · 5 months ago
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