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The way Duchairn’s salvaging the Church... The way Duchairn’s salvaging the Church...

   Discussion: The way Duchairn’s salvaging the Church...
Robinson · 1 year, 2 months ago
Hello, In the epilogue of ATSOT, Merlin reflects upon how Duchairn is salvaging the church. I assume he means from a moralistic perspective, because after all the things RFC has written over the last 4-5 books in the series, I find it hard to believe Duchairn will be able to to truly fix all of the problems the CoGA has because of the Jihad. Sure removing, investigating, trying, convicting and punishing all the of Clyntahn's loyalists would likely be deeply satisfying and productive, but I feel that that was the easy part. Duchairn now has to preside over a church that blew all of its monetary reserves on obsolete galleys and then on wooden hulled galleons that Charis managed to sink or capture. Then they started borrowing money from the secular realms, taxing the Temple Lands directly, cutting every extraneous expenditure they had and selling off as much land and real estate as they could and borrowed money in the form of "victory bonds". In short, the Church is up to its eyeballs in debt, is not receiving tithes from any Charisian held territory (most of which are really wealthy at present) or from Siddarmark (from whom they also borrowed money and then repudiated that debt), has a fraught political relationship with the remaining realms under its control and has to contend with the stream of innovations that will continue to come out of Charis (and the need to embrace those innovations if they don't wish to maintain Charisian military and economic supremacy). For More Details:- software explainer video Thanks
Christ Bernier · 3 months ago
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davidjohn · 2 months ago
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davidjohn · 1 month ago
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