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Church, Hash is a problem Person, stay well clear Church, Hash is a problem Person, stay well clear

   Discussion: Church, Hash is a problem Person, stay well clear
Robinson · 1 year, 3 months ago
Hello, My church is a large charismatic Anglican Church very into community work and a Resourcing church for other smaller churches in the area.We have a Prayer Email Network which is used to send prayer requests to about 400 of the church family.In the past any issues relating to me have never been posted on the Prayernet but have been passed from my parents to the Staff Team to pray about in their times, Often cos others would be very distressed if they heard what had happened ( overdoses , running away, blah blah blah). Recently I asked for a prayer request to be placed on the prayernet saying Please pray for Hannah Ashworth and her mental well being, please also pray for her husband and family as they care for her. I was told this could not be submitted as it may affect me or the people receiving the email. I was so miffed that I spoke to the Vicar about it and said why cant someone with mental health problems get prayer for specifics in their lives why do people have to be protected from us and what is so wrong with us that we cant be talked about. Tonight I find out someone has placed a prayer request on the prayer net for their cousin's son who overdosed. Why was that not censored, what is wrong with me that I cant be talked about.  For More Details:- Home Device Video Thanks

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