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   Discussion: Pray for Christians
breckjensen · 1 month ago
Hi,I'm requesting a prayer for all of you whom go against your own Lord's teachings, and condemn all who are different than you. Instead of accepting them for who they are, and loving them unconditionally like Jesus wanted, you threaten them with eternal torture and damnation in the real underworld you've come to call "Hell". I also wish to pray for. (wait, are two prayer requests allowed in 1 post, or would that be blasphemous. ah what the piffle, I'll wing it).  I was saying, I wish to pray for all those here who have convinced themselves that an ancient book written by polytheist writers well over 2000 years ago contains all the truths required to enter into an eternal paradise. And that if we get it wrong in this finite life, we will spend ETERNITY in damnation, because God loves us so much.  For More Details    Branding Motion Graphics Examples    

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