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+1-855-219-8503 | How to SetUp Airprint on HP Deskjet Printer? +1-855-219-8503 | How to SetUp Airprint on HP Deskjet Printer?

   Discussion: +1-855-219-8503 | How to SetUp Airprint on HP Deskjet Printer?
Mark Steven · 4 months ago
[color=black]How to SetUp Airprint on HP Deskjet Printer[/color] [color=black]HP Deskjet printers are ideal for home use. The print volume and the productivity of this printer are the least among all inkjet printer models. Yet, this is most cost-efficient and low-maintenance inkjet printer. The latest version of inkjet printers is compatible with wireless printing and other mobile printing solutions such as HP ePrint, AirPrint, Wireless Direct Printing, etc. for how to set up airprint printer.[/color] =11pt=13.5pt[color=black]These mobile printing solutions do not demand you to install any additional drivers or software on your device.[/color]
  • =11pt[color=black]=13.5ptIf you wish to find out how to set up airprint on HP printer, you can do it by checking if your HP deskjet printer supports airprint feature.[/color]
  • =11pt[color=black]=13.5ptMake sure that you use either a Mac that runs on OS X 10.7 and newer version or an iOS device that runs on iOS 4.2 and newer version.[/color]
  • =11pt[color=black]=13.5ptIf your HP deskjet printer is compatible with airprint, switch off the printer and plug out the USB cable from the printer.[/color]
  • =11pt[color=black]=13.5ptConnect the power cord of the printer directly to the electrical outlet and switch on your printer. Connect the HP deskjet to your wireless network.[/color]
  • =11pt[color=black]=13.5ptConnect your Mac or iOS device to the same wireless network to which you have connected the HP deskjet printer.[/color]
  • =11pt[color=black]=13.5ptOn your Mac, click on the Apple icon and open the System Preferences window. Tap on the Print & Scan option and select your printer.[/color]
  • =11pt[color=black]=13.5ptChoose the AirPrint option under the Use or Print Using menu. Add your printer to the printer queue by pressing the Add button.[/color]
  • =11pt[color=black]=13.5ptIf your iOS device fails to recognize the HP deskjet device, ensure that you have connected it to the same network. Turn on the Wifi direct option on your printer.[/color]
  • =11pt[color=black]=13.5ptOpen the Wifi option on your iOS device. From the given list of available networks, select your printer network and connect your iOS device to it.[/color]
  • =11pt[color=black]=13.5ptTry printing a sample document or photo from the iOS device or Mac to see if the connection between the HP deskjet printer and your device is secure.[/color]
=11pt=13.5pt[color=black]This is how to set up airprint on HP printer. If your printer is not printing over AirPrint , ensure that you have enabled the Wifi direct option.[/color]  
juliana168 · 4 months ago
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