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Quicken Cannot Open Source File Quicken Cannot Open Source File

   Discussion: Quicken Cannot Open Source File
henryrichard00147 · 10 months ago
=11ptQuicken cannot open source file, just reboot your computer. Maybe Quicken program "stuck" while attempting to open your data file. If that does not fix the problem. Follow these steps based on your operating system. [list=1]
  • =11ptFirst, make sure folders are not hidden, so we can find easily.
  • =11ptPress Right-click on the Start button, select File Explorer and then click View tab.
  • =11ptUnder the Show/hide section, checked all the Hidden items.
  • =11ptNow, delete all three folders: CONFIG, DATA & LOG.
  • =11ptThese folders and content automatically recreated when they need in the same location.
  • =11ptNow, reboot your computer, and reopen the Quicken. =11ptAnd if you do not wish to indulge in all the technical matters and feel like accessing the platform of customer support at Quicken customer service number, then you can easily do so at any time suitable.  
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