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How to Convert Quicken Windows to Mac? How to Convert Quicken Windows to Mac?

   Discussion: How to Convert Quicken Windows to Mac?
henryrichard00147 · 10 months ago
=11pt=14.0pt[color=black]Quicken, the financial accounting software stays popular on both the operating systems that are Windows and Mac. You can easily convert the account from windows to Mac by some basic steps. But before you start with this procedure, you first need to prepare the files and then move on. You can either read the steps given below or can indulge with the experts at [/color]=14.0ptQuicken support number=14.0pt[color=black]. [/color]
  • =11pt=14.0pt[color=black]Open the Quicken account and choose File> New and File[/color]
  • =11pt=14.0pt[color=black]After that press okay and provide accurate information in the dialog box(Create data file)[/color]
  • =11pt=14.0pt[color=black]Press cancel if you see New Assistant Window displayed on the screen[/color]
  • =11pt=14.0pt[color=black]Now just put the CD in the drive and install the Quicken files[/color]
  • =11pt=14.0pt[color=black]Import the files from QIF and then navigate to the accounts file from the CD[/color]
  • =11pt=14.0pt[color=black]The same procedure needs to be followed for securities, categories and transaction files[/color]
  • =11pt=14.0pt[color=black]The OIF format can be accessed on both Windows and Mac[/color]
=11pt=14.0pt[color=black]Read More:[/color] =14.0ptConvert quicken windows to mac  

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