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    Book of Ephesians Commentary

    This is a brief study commentary to the Book of Ephesians. This is not a full commentary, but it will give you an understanding of what the Book of Ephesians is all about.

    Precious Partnership

    This is a help guide for pastor is establishing a working relationship between the pastor and deacons.

    I'm Just Preaching This Gospel

    This book contains twelve inspirational sermons.

    Laymen Study Guide

    This guide is to help prepare laymen or men of the church to be deacons.

    God's Plan For A Happy Marriage

    This is a Pre-Maritial Couselor Manual to help the pastor to talk with future marriage couples.

    Rediscovering Leadership

    This is a guide for preparing church leaders.

    Book of Revelations

    This is a commentary to help with the study of the Book of Revelations. This is not a complete commentary. It is just a commentary to help with an understanding of what the Book of Revelations is all about.

    Board of Trustees Guide

    This guide is to help those who are appointed to the Board of Trustees in understanding their duties and responsibilities.

    Walking With The Lord

    This study guide gives us an understanding of our daily walk with God.

    Book of Hebrews

    This is a commentary for the Book of Hebrews. This is not a complete commentary, but it gives the reader an understanding of what the Book of Hebrews is all about. In the back of this commentary are study questions to help to understand the verses.

    The Hard Sayings of Jesus

    This guide is helps us to understand that even though God is a giver of things, He is also a God of Salvation.

    Song of Solomon Commentary

    This is a commentary on the Book of Song of Solomon. This commentary is not a complete commentary. It just gives the reader a basic understanding of the Song of Solomon.

    Full Manuscript Sermons on CD

    This CD contains over 400 full manuscript sermons. The sermons on this CD are listed by occasions, events and they are inspirational inspired. (YOU MUST HAVE ADOBE INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTER)

    Women Living on Ruth's Faith and Naiomi's Determination

    This is an inspirational book. It helps us to understand that God is in control of our lives and He has the answer we seek.

    Tract - He's The Bread of Life

    The Bread of Life is the spiritual food needed by man. Without the Bread of Life man cannot live spiritually. Just as physically man needs to eat in order to live, the bread of life gives nourishment for the soul. Unless one eats from the Bread of Life, he faces eternal death. Jesus is the Bread of Life. Just as bread nourishes our physical bodies, Jesus gives and sustains eternal life to all believers.


    Tract - Praising Your Way Into God's Presence

    When God’s presence and power comes, we hear His voice, we see His blessings and people lives are changed. When we are praying for something the best way to start is praise and worship. We must praise God for the good and the bad.


    Tract - Seeking The Righteousness of God First

    Seeking the kingdom is not an isolated action, but it ought to be a way of life for followers of Christ. Since the kingdom is something that one can seek instead of earthy things, it is something that can be possessed.

    Tract - Naked and Not Ashamed

    Shame is a silent, but deadly disease that pollutes the lifeblood of many Christian’s faith. Although it is a byword in songs and poems, it is not often described or dealt with and therefore continues to torment many lives. The symptoms are experienced, but the source of the discomfort, confusion, and hindered life is often ignored. 


    Tract - Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

    We often trouble ourselves. We often allow our hearts to be tossed about like the waves of the sea, without any real cause. Our Savior forbids it. He forbids it in tender love. He forbids it because it is injurious. Inward commotion, or confusion, such as is referred to in the text, unfits us for social duties, pious exercises, and usefulness in the church of God.

    Tract - Troubles Don't Last Forever

    Even in these troubled and perilous times, there is great hope for the child of God. There are good things that are in store for those who trust in God and live their life in compliance with His Word.


    Tract - Blessing To Love Your Enemies

    He delights in seeing His very nature shinning through His children. It's through our actions towards others that will identify us with Him. Part of God's nature teaches us to show love even when it is not deserved.


    Tract - God Is Love

    We need to show more love other than just speaking love. Love is doing more for others by helping and giving from the heart. Giving God more time every Sunday and every week for Bible Study, shows God how much we love Him first before anything else in our lives.

    Tract - Don't Put Off Being Saved

    Being almost a Christian is like being nothing at all. My God did not make anything half way. He did not make a half creation, a half man or half woman and He will not make a half Christian You are either altogether a Christian or not a Christian at all.


    Tract - Repentance-The Way To Salvation

    The Gospel of Christ is the message that can lead one to salvation. It shows the essential steps that one must take to secure the goal that God wishes all to attain. That objective is not merely for us to be saved from something, God wishes us to be saved to something.

    Tract - Going Through A Trying Time

    When something doesn't happen the way we would like it to happen, we can believe God will work things out for the good. It's the place we can always come back to in every kind of trial. Now this doesn't mean the trials are necessarily good, but God can work them out for our good because He is awesome.


    Dea. James Jackson, Sr. Trust Fund

    This Trust Fund is a benevolent fund that is used financial aide to the community for:

    Senior Citizens Utilities

    Assistance For Victims who were burned out of their home

    Meals for Shut-In's

    Addellum House Support (This organization takes care of children whose mothers are in prison)